Last Wednesday

Cows must wonder, with their brown soft almost unknowing eyes. What bright shiny things these humans drive.  How heavy they land with wheels breaking off, all of a sudden screeching and tearing rubber before flying and bouncing crunch over a tree..

The flies themselves stopped their wings momentarily and took off for the car now stranded on the barbed wire fence.  Three of us got out of the car and stood around on the side of the isolated stretch of road looking at the wreck.

‘Yeah, Sorry about the car’

‘Don’t worry about ok ? … needed a new one’

Some time later trucks stopped and cars stopped.  People got out and came over to see if everyone was ok.

‘Is anyone still in the car ?’

‘Yeah- I saw what happened – it was that truck’

‘How’s the towie going to get it off the fence ?’

‘Got a pair of pliers ?.. that should do the trick’

‘Oh, thanks for stopping.’

‘I’m a nurse.  Anyone get hurt ?’

‘No – well just a scratch and a bump on the head a bit’

‘Flies are bad eh ?’

‘Was it a kangaroo ?’

‘No – a truck trying to act like one’


what do you reckon then ?

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