Brisbane River View – The Eagle

out there through the curtains of the 7th floor, through the window… other side of the river .. a tall fluted monument in that park.  Time for a walk.  It’s raining ! Not much.. don’t worry.. down the lift and out by the dawn.. Hotel lobby is quiet at least… slip out the front door in the quiet at 5:30am but its cool warm cool. No cars.  Round past the Breakfast Creek and up the road, down again and under the breakfast creek bridge, across to the Newstead park, past the ancient Cunningham fig crawling root fingers down the slope.  There’s white Jasmine on the bike path with a faint smell of romance from the night before.. A single hidden Kigelia,

KIGELIA TREE [African Origin]
with its weighty pods just waiting to drop.  All the while the Brisbane river snakes past upstream in slow bends and boats so quiet you cannot hear a slithering as the tide comes in.

Finally, up there on the hill in the park, the American Australian monument appears. Placed in memory of WWII, mainly for Kokoda and the battle of the Coral Sea, commemorated with an eagle atop a column among the magpies and butcher birds — perched up in the trees – not sleeping perhaps — just above the signs saying ‘watch out’.  An so the eagle watches out over the Brisbane river and beyond. Standing sentinel like a standing stone, menhir and like something akin to the figures on Easter Island, looking out from the grounds of Newstead House, where the Americans camped during the war.

Brisbane River at Dawn
Brisbane River at Dawn

But enough then, the sun is coming up and like others, it’s time to get to work for the day.

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The Warning Bell

The Clocktower Bellringer Automatons - Father and Son
The Clocktower Bellringer Automatons – Father and Son

“Get the email Jack ?”

“Yeah, got it” Jack said, continuing with his work

“You know John was copied” said Fred

“Didn’t really check, so were about 50 others I guess, but thanks for letting me know” said Fred

“Listen son, its not just father and son these days, you know… there’s a global interest in all things to all men” said Fred, Jack’s dad. “Politics and stuff, more people are interested, not only in how you ring the bell, but when and why and why continue for example.”

“Look Dad !, we’ve been standing up here, rain, hail, salt shine, flooding in the square below since the time of the Doge’s. Ring this bell here, on time I might add, one then the other, striking the hour morning noon and night.”

“Don’t forget the summary strike at noon and midnight though.  I have absolutely no idea why they want the summary strike.” said his dad.

“That’s what the email was about. Didn’t you read it ?”

“Yes I know. people don’t want the summary strike anymore, but I can’t argue the case, because I don’t know the original reason for doing it in the first place.” said his dad.

“There is no reason, other than to say it’s unique.  No other clocktower around does this summary thing. People like unique and innovative like that.”, said the son.

“Yes, but all those people copied, they might agree with the idea to stop it.  Make it like normal. Like other clocktowers”, said his dad.

“Just reply all, you know.. saying….something like… ‘The summary strike captures the imagination to begin counting the arithmetic sum and most people lose count, but those that didn’t lose count stopped and waited down there in the square and for just a few moments were lost in the reverie of counting and for a moment all conversation ceases and its only the peace and quite with the bell ringing’.  Throw some art into it.  That’s why people come here in the first place.” said the son

“OK.. but just remember I’m the guy striking the warning bell.”

“I never forget it”, said the son.