The transition

A leaf breaks off

And lives a life unbound – now

it’s gained a pretty color …

Embarrassed with its freedom – though,

And falls into a coveted coverlet

Dancing down the sky

Winding round the air

Landing on the massive ground without a …

Rivers of red – hot ruby lava

Making a cup – for a new kava

Drunken and winding

Arms of violence

Cover an ancient landscape

Lost in a moment — carries its leaf – burnt

Into the ocean – briny lazy wake

And then it’s all over – steamy

The volcanic quake.



There's a bay not far from Samurai called Anna Bay – but it's still some way round from the town called Anna Bay. In fact Anna Bay the town and its namesake bay cannot be seen together. You may be confused if you use an older nautical chart , but google has it right if its the town you need to get to.

I like this place for the colours not the beach. The colours come from the rocks and the sky on the water. The best colours are at dawn and dusk, just on sunset and afterwards till the bright stars and planets fill up the black sky by a cold cold midnight.

Waiting for Leonskaja


“An affair is not out of the question” – ACO PROGRAM NOTES for LEONSKAJA

If only countess Madeleine could decide between the composer or the poet. Since the composer makes such musical poetry and the poet such grand symphonic compositions. Verses shall it be then ? To wrestle her heart and affection. Let’s see how the ACO handles Richard Strauss’ then. Of course it was the opening by the ACO which set the scene. 

The stagemen in black rolled the most black Steinway onto the stage Center / parting music stands like standing stones and then entered Leonskaja and the Steinway was just the most perfect machine ready to sound her fearless virtuosity without the slightest movement other than those decided by the master composer Mozart. Such a great choice of Concerto by the ACO. I liked the way some of the standing violinists would smile at Mozart’s magic wit as it developed probably for the countess he dedicated it too.