Wheel mania

“Now let’s not reinvent the wheel”, the wheel is reinvented over and over; but in nature, not too many wheels are there ? no rotating parts, at least parts which go all the way around… nup… man invented the wheel it seems, and loves to continue doing it.. so my more recent advice is: ‘why not, go ahead ! make a great wheel, but make sure you invent the axle first…”


Hummingbird Robot

You know the weird thing about a hummingbird robot, is that at this stage, it might be easier to get a camera and transmitter, and train a real hummingbird.  At least if it is in danger, a real hummingbird would fly somewhere else, not sure about the robot, the real hummingbird will last longer, and probably fly much more .. stealthily…


Find a way to transmit the visual cortex signals of a real hummingbird to ground… then train the hummingbird.

Find another hovering bird, which is smarter and more trainable than the hummingbird..

Make a robot to follow the hummingbird at a distance… with the camera on the hummingbird etc..