Garden Book e-Read

No but the best thing about an e-Reader is that although it is light to carry around, it is not too light, that it will flutter away in the wind, or when the fresh spring breeze blows in the park, you don’t find the pages flipping around mid-sentence. Or even trying to find the right place to sit and read, the e-Reader can look cooler, than wrestling with a book in the wind. What about a tablet you say ? No – I don’t dig tablets. Too heavy, too much color, too hot to hold, and you just cannot read them too well in the sun. A tablet too is going to make you think – maybe I will just check my email.. or maybe facebook, .. and before you know it you are out of the garden, out of the bush, and stuck in some banal commentary about a cat or a dog in someone else’s house on the other side of the world.

Yes and e-Book is a great idea, take you library in your pocket, go out into a bush garden or down the street, and depending on your mood, pick something good to read, while having that coffee, or smoothie, or beer, or martini, or late night drink at the bar.. and not get distracted with emails or other internet based distractions that will encroach on you bit by bit – and eat away at your nice time with a book.

Not just any book. Yes you can go to Gutenberg and download that fav French novel fin de siècle and when incomprehension strikes,?, hold a fat finger on the foreign mot and voila, the text pushes aside for the moment, and the dictionary entry shows up.