Water rocks and streams [a poem]

Water Rocks and Streams

Time is flowing faster,

when friends friends and children leave

they get less likely to come

when the their river runs faster

with white birds of heaven and black birds of fate

sit together,  slow heavy on our mossy bank of dreams

watching our lives as water rocks and streams

there you are down and having fun

life your own to damage and array

and makes lonely the days of those who gave it

when you go away.

yet we know we know you know we all must go

and make a mark on this blue water sphere

where gravity pulls hard and stronger faster time

where else does its clock tick except here

to live and ready for eternity



The case of the colored elephant

cliff1066 cc flickr

With all the attention the up coming election and primaries and elephants and candidates and baggage and things over here in the USA…. well…

Elephant jokes were such a great idea.  I was so thick, my darling used to tell me elephant jokes over and over, and I always laughed, and she could tell me the same joke over and over, and then I would laugh, but never remember the punch line. You know, the one about the butter, the two about the legs, etc. the 3 about the color red or blue ? ..  I think it must be time for a new joke or two.

Elections have a kind of Schrodinger’s Cat.. and Elephant Joke aspect about them…

A new elephant joke…

Questioner :What color was Schrodinger’s elephant ?

Probable Response : Don’t know

Questioner :Blue and Red all over.

Probable Response : Why two colors at the same time ?

Questioner :Because it is in a ballot box with Schrodinger’s cat.

Stupid I know, but that’s what I like about Elephant jokes, and why I never remember the punch line.

Patriot’s game in a Giant Superbowl XLVI

I’m in Foxboro Massachusetts to do a bit of work this week, and the Pat’s are due to play in the Super Bowl again, thankfully not in Foxboro – else no room at the inn would have been the sign on the door. It’s to be in Indianapolis this time, and against the Giants no less.

I do remember seeing Tom Brady and the Patriot’s win back in 2004/5 in the snow covered Foxboro stadium and then go on to win the Super Bowl. But where is the snow this year ? Don’t see much, every hint of a big weather event gets max coverage on the weather channel, but look.  It was -3C in Sussex and I was so disturbed I had even taken to drinking cider.  But it is warm and today expected to be around 40F here in Foxboro.

No – It is not about the weather !  It’s all about offence and defence.  The pundits seem to be backing the Giant’s resurgent defence and the Patriot’s amazing offence.  In my slight experience and observations of the game, it all really depends on the nerve, skill and experience of the quarterback.  So my thought is that the result will depend on how Tom Brady does.

Down in Indianapolis the weather looks good for Sunday night, and you should with luck and determination be able to see the moon waxing gibbous in the shiny Tiffany Vince Lombardi trophy in the hands of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Who cares then about the weather in London. It won’t be cider house, there will be Sam Adam’s on the house as a rule in New England.