Kind of Blue Drop

Tersiiska Blue Water Drop



drrrrrrrrop p p


so what !

Its a kind of blue

waiting blue plumbago on green leaves

waiting.. growing.. ready to fall

all together in a modal 12 bars for Freddie

still in the gravity of the dance the flamenco sketches

free for the blues moments but who cares

falling fast with the weight of its reflection

reflections in reversals

kind of blue

photo courtesy of Tersiiska on flickr


A Dragon meets the Snake at the Lagrangian point of the heart.


The moon represents my heart.
The moon represents my heart.

We moving fast and strong, and if I think on it quite attractive fire. You down there in the riot would not notice us from earth. We left some day ago and we didn’t make the papers since they are long since dead and gone. The dragon ship is tight and moving along the gravity line between our earth and moon and sun.  I looked out just a minute back and saw it rising past our cockpit window screen.  Full and bright in the sunshine.  Yes right now Idon’t care for your texts or facebook posts of cats and dogs.

In just a minute it will be the new year down in China and our new year as well. I pressed play on Teresa Teng’s 月亮代表我的心  “Yueliang …Wo De Xin”.. in the final minutes of the latest moon dragon phase.

Rolling Jarrett bells of star chords singing with a statement then questions to follow. Who is that strong bright thing in the sky ? That rocket ship sitting so confident and ready to strike ? The man in it and why ?  No my love, that represents my heart.  Yeah, you know how you kissed me when I left.  Now that is how I love you.  How the moon is tonight. Do you remember it ?

Slow Slow.. slower.. slow.. we are coming up to the spot … that difficult spot in space … where you have to stop and pause in the Lagrangian moment.

Yes the earth is far enough to have no more impact that it’s favourite moon now.

A space ship in sound around in a quiet space with engines stopped and slow moving very slow you wouldnt know of course but waiting on no power. Then I thought carefully. That moon reflects my heart. So you could look up now and see it and know it is how my heart is.  A change of heart. I did it just to please you. But now I wish you were here or I was there. Just outside it… waiting on a Lagrangian point of love.

Photo of ‘Heart in a Bowl’ attribution : Auntie K : Flickr.

[Keith Jarrett : Koln Concert: Track 4..  6 minutes.]

Lagrangian points :