Through the glass – the junk pile

Try cutting through glass. I know I’ve done it before – way back had to make a small piece of glass smaller – got a lie cost cutter from Sears I think – anyway it worked and so thought glass cutting – piece of cake or easy as pie or both – .

Every year we have a kind of cathartic chuck out week. During this week everyone in the local suburb starts piling up stuff on the nature strip. could be anything – small lone items like a single briefcase or mixmaster through to piles of everything domestic including the kitchen sink.

This years collective theme seems to be dead mattresses and travel gear.

People have real feelings about the piles of junk. But these can disappear instantly when as if supernaturally called a truck scavenger squawking down the street suddenly stops. Everyone turns to the spectacle of the driver picking through the pile and sometimes taking all the metal or appliances. Then in a few minutes it’s gone and your pile is suddenly a few scattered bits if wood and curtain rods or perhaps a mattress or two. Not to worry, it’s the council will send massive trucks in a few days time to clean up the bones if it.

So there I was in the shed thinking to throw out the glass – a large 12mm 1/2 in piece – already broken of course – did I find it on someone else’s pile ? Yes ! So I really can’t throw it out without doing something with it.

So naturally I thought of cutting off the broken edge .

To be continued when I figure out how.


what do you reckon then ?

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