‘yes but its not going to happen is it ?’

”and why not then ?”

‘well, I mean to say’

‘well perhaps you may be right’

‘it ain’t gonna happen’

‘improbable really, its nothing, don’t know what you’re worried about’

‘i mean, ‘whats the chances ?”

‘she’ll be right mate’

‘go’on get on with it~’

‘yes but it ain’t you doing it is it ?’

‘so what are you going to wear then ? You know.. smart casual, business casual, cocktail ?

‘what’s wrong with what i’ve got on — right now — i mean ?.

‘well its interesting isn’t it’

‘.. the belt..’

‘it’s buckle is a jade dragon head, a friend of mine in China gave it me’

‘…and the boots ?’

‘Texas Boots, also with a curious design but really soft leather’

‘…but the shirt is strange too..’

‘sheer clear polyester’ totally see through… but somewhat electro-intensive’

and the hat ? Why the hat ?  It’s way past sundown.

‘the hat is keeping my thoughts at bay.  I find that’s important at these events’

‘why ? what’s the worst that could happen, not wearing a hat ?’

‘any random thought might just escape, while i was not thinking for a minute.’

‘that’d be highly improbable.’

‘Maybe so, but even one highly improbable random thought if it escapes unnoticed, it can really mess up a conversation.  People all stop and look at me and say ‘What’s that got to do with anything ?’

‘and the jade bit ? on the belt ?’

‘That’s actually to catch them, ..

.. the random stray thought that mightn’t escape.

‘Yes, this jade dragon, has it’s head open, and can catch any stray thought’.

‘mmm.. not so sure about the belt… it’s not really cocktail is it ?’

‘No… yes it is, she’ll be wearing a bracelet of some kind, right ?.’

‘Yes, ok’

‘it might probably be jade right ?’


‘So !… I’ll just flash me Green Jade Dragon head belt and offer her the same !.’


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