Fishing Tale

Teriiska RopeFloat


take ———– rope ———strength ———–is—–the——- thing

take some floats – with a single space like a ring

thread the float with the strong rope thing

take another float – like bangle thin

add to the string to stretch the idea

repeat while busy



until you have the length you need

it becomes a strong arm to stretch a net

and save it from drowning in the sea

I hope it will catch

sparkly fishes

for you

and you

with your arm

around me


Photo: Tersiiska:Flickr – Used with Permission

2 thoughts on “Fishing Tale

    1. cjx07ster

      I’m glad you enjoy them Margaret – and thank you for your appreciation. Please feel free to comment or add any ideas you think might be of interest for revision etc.

      Liked by 1 person

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