The lost 39 Minutes

Sunday marks the beginning and the ending of the world, the alpha and omega of God’s time and work of creation. The earth,  mars, solar system and milky galactic realm are all cyclic. and our world, progresses leaping forward each week a worldly man-made cycle, but beginning and ending each Sunday. Its stability like clockwork.

Back on Mars, it was a bit cold perhaps, and Christmas’ were more spread out, being nearly two earth years between drinks.  But Sunday, the cyclic creation rest, stretched out an additional 39 earth minutes there.  We started out there in our Marworld civilization, who when it got unbearable, decided to migrate to the earth.  A bit closer in, maybe a bit warmer.  Martian people we maybe started out, and then became earthlings.  Shortening our day, and speeding up our lives. We brought war with us, and it has been assumed this is due to the loss of those 39 minutes. We stop reflecting at the pivotal moment, always seem to be running out of time to discuss and resolve and resort to war instead.

How some of us long to return to those quiet peaceful days our forefathers had on the red planet. Where we had time to think and contemplate life.  We don’t know why the Marworld dried up and became lifeless, too hard to live on. The grind of the solar system has obliterated all trace.  Were we the cause, were we the tipping point, did we just mess it up too much for it’s own cycles and balance systems to fix up.  Lyapunov unstable the engineers said, we just pushed it a bit too far, and the rest is history.

Note : Mars Sol day is around 24hrs 39mins 35 seconds long. It takes about a year 320 days to orbit the sun. Many including Tesla speculated that perhaps intelligent life existed on Mars due to his own radio observations. I think most people don’t believe this anymore and the facts seem to weigh against the idea.  Perhaps our world is safe from global climate change and we are guaranteed by some kind of Godly stability in creation.  Perhaps not.  I for one probably think Mercury is not a safe haven.


what do you reckon then ?

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