Za’atamite Toast – Innovation 17

Something new and quick for the midnight to dawn shift ?

So I generally don’t get into cooking… just ask my wife and kids, but when a concall happens before sparrow’ I have to improvise.  So improvisation is just using ideas that you pick up and trying things out, to see how this and that fits.  Anyway for a non-chef to engineer something so crazy as za’atamite toast, you got to wonder right ?

So here is the very carefully thought out [scratch that] experi-mental recipe…

Take some old french stick left over from the day before. Then , take your sword, and cut it like Zorro, alongways in two, and turn on the sandwich maker.

Get some of that spray on olive oil and then spray both sides of the sandwich maker..

Take care to remove any old crumbs stuck on it and left behind by the kids…

OK so you got the sandwich maker on at last,… wait till the green light comes on…

Then a quick spray of olive oil .. Fresh from the can mind .. Doesn’t matter about the virgin level..

OK then get the french stick you cut in half, and lay it out on the sandwich maker..

Close the lid.. And put pressure on it while the bread toasts.. It will gradually compress the bread while it is cooking.. This approximates flat bread, but still with that nice baguette taste…, and increases the overall heat capacity which will come in useful later..

OK when toasted and before smoke comes out.. Take it out and lay it on a breadboard… side by side.. Mmm.. Don’t eat it yet.

Quick before it cools down… Spray a dash of olive oil on the toast..Then get your jar of oregano… sprinkle that on the still hot toast.. If you did it right, it sticks to the oil and the heat from the compressed toast somehow blends it all nicely..

Then get your handy jar of vegemite and spread vegemite on the toast.  Spread it right on top of the oregano, this way the oregano doesn’t fly off when you try to eat the toast.


Then get some fresh black coffee or green oolong tea to the side..

Take a moment to thank God for innovation and life, before the dawn and the concalls start.

Loud Cymbals Breath – Through the Chagall Window

The Chagall Window - Chichester Cathedral

The crowd was coming down the festive street, yelling and screaming, in all Colours and air bright with happiness.  It’s Easter and the crowd spirit was as in the last psalm of the bible, one last song with trumpets, guitars, sticks and drums.  Hopping and skipping fast in flashes of sound.  The sound was warming the air, getting stronger, and with the sound the praising was happening, it was as though praising could not occur without lots of sound.  Cymbals had a breath of their own, as though the sound of a human voice itself was not enough.  Not the quiet timid shsht cymbal but the louder more amazing crshaaaang  cymbals, over and over getting the crowd worked up and singing louder. The dance was forming as the crowd entered a restaurant by the side of the square.  Fernando and I were inside, in shafts of light as the praisers came in, singing and bashing and clanging, filling the air with it’s own quantum of holiness, entangling the molecules of time with praise.  We were drinking and the whole restaurant of 1200 people stopped to look and check it all out.

A circle formed with light on the floor in the centre of the restaurant.   The singers entered to the middle, while a lone trumpeter in time with the cymbal and drum stirred the sound and emotion of the room.  Everyone was happy and their breath was one rhythmic voice. The organ in the corner started up, a brilliant hammond sound with leslie spinning round. The colors and sound were mixing up, and everyone’s mind got happy with friendship. The choir in blue were singing the psalm and praising God with loud cymbals on their breath.

Note: The Chagall window [1978] – designed by Marc Chagall, dedicated to the bishop of Chichester Cathedral perfectly captures the theme of Psalm 150 inscribed on the plaque below: “O praise God in his holiness ~ Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”

The lost 39 Minutes

Sunday marks the beginning and the ending of the world, the alpha and omega of God’s time and work of creation. The earth,  mars, solar system and milky galactic realm are all cyclic. and our world, progresses leaping forward each week a worldly man-made cycle, but beginning and ending each Sunday. Its stability like clockwork.

Back on Mars, it was a bit cold perhaps, and Christmas’ were more spread out, being nearly two earth years between drinks.  But Sunday, the cyclic creation rest, stretched out an additional 39 earth minutes there.  We started out there in our Marworld civilization, who when it got unbearable, decided to migrate to the earth.  A bit closer in, maybe a bit warmer.  Martian people we maybe started out, and then became earthlings.  Shortening our day, and speeding up our lives. We brought war with us, and it has been assumed this is due to the loss of those 39 minutes. We stop reflecting at the pivotal moment, always seem to be running out of time to discuss and resolve and resort to war instead.

How some of us long to return to those quiet peaceful days our forefathers had on the red planet. Where we had time to think and contemplate life.  We don’t know why the Marworld dried up and became lifeless, too hard to live on. The grind of the solar system has obliterated all trace.  Were we the cause, were we the tipping point, did we just mess it up too much for it’s own cycles and balance systems to fix up.  Lyapunov unstable the engineers said, we just pushed it a bit too far, and the rest is history.

Note : Mars Sol day is around 24hrs 39mins 35 seconds long. It takes about a year 320 days to orbit the sun. Many including Tesla speculated that perhaps intelligent life existed on Mars due to his own radio observations. I think most people don’t believe this anymore and the facts seem to weigh against the idea.  Perhaps our world is safe from global climate change and we are guaranteed by some kind of Godly stability in creation.  Perhaps not.  I for one probably think Mercury is not a safe haven.