A bridge to a calling bell

Tersiiska Bridge
A bridge from the Africa section of Animal Kingdom, Orlando FL.

They say the universe is streaming out so fast we can’t see the light of it, but we imagine it.  Vast gleaming stars reflected in our own still stream of deep water thoughts, prayers and doubts and tears.  The tinkling bell bird calls from the trees past the bridge. The calling bell at the mountain top deep rings to bridge that thought, that if only we look down we might frightened see the mighty electric eel of desire through our reflected selves.

We might meet on that bridge one day and holding hands, suddenly forget the birds, the bells and the mighty deep and look out to the star’s so fast away into the sky their light has not yet reached, the bridge.

Photo: Tersiiska : flickr copyright 2014

This work is fictional – all rights reserved CJSmith 2014


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