Agave Abstract in the Outback

Tersiiska Agave Abstract Three men roared up the path to the outback pub.  Shaking only some of the dust off they each walked up to the bar.  Leaning on the bar the first guy, an office worker in the city on the coast, said..  Bartender he signalled..

Tequila !.  

As an aside to the others he commented “you know I really like to get away down the road and get the bike to hit it’s straps”… “gives me a sense of tranquility”.

At which point the second guy, a poet said, “when I get on mine, it’s turbo fairly sings the body electric as I fly down the road..and that’s peace AND quiet for me”.

“Tequila ! ” said the bartender – sliding three shots down the bar.

They all drank with the requisite ritual of lemon and salt.

Holding the empty shot glass in his hand and sweeping it in the air, the rocket scientist from Woomera said “Listen boys, back in 1957 when they were doing the tests out here, I used to get on my bike and it would take off like a rocket.  She’d fly so fast and break the sound barrier… you could hear a pin drop.

Tequila !!!










Photo: Agave Abstract – Tersiiska:Flickr – used with permission.


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