I’m Alarmed about using Calendars

I’ve got a couple of days left till 21st December, but the date on the modern calendar may become irrelevant when the earth as we know it may end on 21st, like the last day.  But I am so used to missing whole days, crossing date lines and travelling across time zones, as usual, I will be in the air at 38,000 feet watching movies while all this happens.

What exactly will happen ? Mayans and Sumerians seem not too consistent about the potential impact.  A rogue planet, meteor ? What’s it to be ?… If it is on one astronomical timer, then who set the timer ? God doesn’t fool around with calendars and who works in eternal timers and so it really is indeterminate when it is going to happen.  We just don’t know.

Speaking of timers, I stopped using alarms, I’m always changing them.  Instead I progressed to using timers.  Yes..  I’ve found a 5 1/2 hour timer is the most useful device.  Most things that you have to remember to do, happen in around 5 and half hours time from when you think of them.  The 5 1/2 hour timer is just perfect for sleep and other things. Independent of time zone and hotel room wake up call calculations, just set a timer to say how much sleep you should get.  If you wake up early, and see 1 hour to go, you don’t feel so bad. If you get to bed early, you wake up early.  It’s a great advance using a timer [readily available on an iPhone] than an alarm in an uncertain time zone.

So the Mayan calendar did not have any alarm written at the end of it, so I’m not alarmed about it wrapping it’s long number around on Saturday 22.  Saturday 22nd is our 33 anniversary !!  A special moment when I married my girl, who although she keeps calendars, doesn’t mind living with a guy on relative time.

what do you reckon then ?

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