remember after the rain and the dams deluge divides

it’s been a while , the drought in writing is belied by the flood waters sweeping through towns like rivers to an inner ocean of calm australian response.

It’s sunny here today in sydney but still you see in the morning light convective waves of vapour rising up the trunks of the trees.

we are lucky to have dams which even now can’t catch all the water but which water the have will keep us alive for 5 years of drought – which will follow. And the dams have no choice but to deluge the towns downstream.

Wagga wagga is cut in two. Its bridge some 30 ft up , no match for the mighty murrumbidgee.

Bathurst is cut in two – its bridge no match for the muddy macquarie, sending its loamy catch all the way to the darling river – where it will travel long long way down through the inner sea to the bight.

So our memory is divided by the deluges which turn up every generation – there will be before and after the 2012 flood just like the ’55 flood. children who have never seen one find out the drama of it and all before is erased and all after will be new.


what do you reckon then ?

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