The Lion Kings

Even Jupiter’s giant gas gravity has a tug

It’s solid stalking moons like lions not lonely against the solar wind, orbit the vacuous giant

It’s reach where the earth in far spin generates a protective magnetic chord

around her blue mantle covered core of metal fire

And jealous sees rocks and trees worthy of norse sheet dreams

which when William took the land of Albion before

whose son’s continue to lease it out still more

against it’s special solar pride.

But the bastard conquerer felt no import

to wonder about the planet in the sky

his telescope, not invented yet,

gave no distraction to his eye

set sail against the northern wind

to grab hard on England and become a King

What axis did he know to rule with massive bow

and arrow of language to spin around

the greatest language of them all

agglomerating words and phrases in Jupiter’s gravitational call

yet sitting in gravity’s grip on Earth alone

The magnetic word of conquest etched in Caen stone.


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