Water Dragon Red Fig Dreaming

So how would YOU like to wake in fright, with coloured dreams and waiting schemes of small water dragons red ? So how would YOU like to shake in the arm and not be alarmed when holding a spear to slay the red fear ?

I always feel such a mess of a mind at times and this year’s dragon dream was just not to comprehend.  I in a garden green of delightful flowers and you, my dear love were there with a thing in your eye.  I looked into it, you complained ‘why should you look in my eye’.  I said ‘cos there is a dragon in it’.  You said ‘actually there is something there, it’s bugging me a bit’.  I looked close, I could see a green little insect the size of a pin walking around in there.  I steadied my arm and picked up the little thing by it’s wing and plucked it from your eye.  Then I threw it gently into the breeze, whereupon it turned into a flying thing.

Then there was a rustling in the grass under the green leafy border.  There appeared to be a large sinewy root lying on the ground.  Suddenly it moved like a python and I checked carefully blinking against the sunshine.  “Look out” I think I said, ( if only I could be that heroic in real life) ‘there is a snake !’ but as I looked closer, it had scales like a fish, and lizard feet and a head like a crocodile. Coming in from the lake and hiding out under the shade of a pumpkin patch. “It is a snake, no crocodile eating a snake perhaps !” . ‘Never mind’ you said, ‘you must be dreaming’.

The waterfall was there, streaming down from the rocks in kind.  It sounded like a dragon was there just babbling to itself in a constant stream of conversation with the pool.  ‘The dragon must have come from over there’ I said, ‘just from that pool.. there under the waterfall’.

Waking, I turned and looked up, the fig tree had turned red, the color of the dragon, with those same sinewy stupid vestigial legs it carries around with the crocodile head and now there it was camped in a tree.

I crawled out of my sleeping bag in the early morning light and looked up at the fig tree, where moments before a ‘dragon’ was to enliven me.


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