QiJi – Nice clear Water into Wine for Guests

I would have gone cycling through the dark universe of the creator with compass.  The dividers which divided left from right up from down, cartesian and rotational thinking for all.  I would have rung my bell as I passed back in time to its dim small beginning.  I turn my wheel and precess my gyro force along lines of pure particles trapped in quantum traces through the mind of our creator.  I know now how miracles happen, those event threads which do not make sense in the causal sphere we live in.  The rational line that allows one thing to depend on a prior thing.  A miracle starts by deleting or creating an event thread and its rational cause erased by the hand of God as and when someone might entreat him.  How simple it is to just park the bike with the bell inside the compass drawn night, and turn off the bike light and listen to the noise of the background dark energy, and pray that something good can occur when normal causality, reality, and rational thought deems it impossible.  Then all of an instant, the hand of the almighty reaches back in time, rolling up the fly thread on his rod and reel and flicks the key events which might shape the present and makes change what is to what was to be.

At the marriage feast at Cana, there were people in a passion play, needing wine for the guests to follow, and deleting the water thread and replacing it with wine, what other impacts were caused, were not elaborated.


what do you reckon then ?

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