Inferential Weather Descriptions..

Rainbow over Kuala Lumpur

Thinking about it, I want to describe the weather better, shorter, more vivid than current listings of weather observations you might see on the news.


– Charcoal blue sky with lightning and rainbow

– soft splash of sun

A set of observations
– day 1 – a winter day in sydney – 15th July 2011
  • blue grey sky – it was blue with grey clouds
  • soft dry shadow – the clouds were diffusing the light a bit , there had been no rain so the ground was dry
  • cool still trees – it was cool, there was no wind
– Observation : Weather : 16 July 2011
  • All Grey Sky
  • fuzzy wet  shadow
  • cold still trees


There are a number of different things to describe –

Lets start with the sky –

Everyone likes to say, the color of a sky, like blue, grey, dark, bright etc. – the sky reflects or transmits the light from space around it, or through it.  So sky has to be described by one or more colors.

Everyone likes to know whether it is windy or still.  So the best way to describe that might be describing the impact of the wind or the air on the trees around.

For example :-

  • still tree
  • wavy grass
  • bending tree
  • broken tree
for rotating winds, you might describe it differently
  • spinning paper
  • willy willy
  • tornado
I find I often want to say about frost or snow or ice
I find I often want to describe the quality of light in terms of contrast and sharpness like –
  • soft shadow
  • hard shadow
  • firm shadow
  • blurry shadow
  • no shadow
But shadow also calls to mind surface, typically the ground surface.  So you could also describe that surface by either
  • dry
  • wet
  • damp
  • cold
  • hot
You could describe pollution in terms of air quality like
  • clean
  • dirty

what do you reckon then ?

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