Australia – Tectonic Magma Boat

See it wasn’t that long back that I found out, we were all really really on an island… I mean, at school, the teachers told me, I did’nt believe them.  Something wrong with my whole concept of an Island right.  Obviously Australia is an Island… got confusing, since it was such a big one, and it of itself had islands of it’s own… like Christmas Island.  Christmas Island is a part of Australia, so far from Australia it is out of site, by a long way… but close enough for people in boats to make a dash for there lives in Terra Australis… I know I know, this is what apparently we used to be called, and before that .. other things…  but relatively speaking now, I found out about the so called Northward movement of our ancient Island .. crashing bit by bit into Indonesia.. when I found out that all the Maps had to be reset to match GPS coordinates.  So eventually I guess, we just won’t be an Island any longer.. then people will not need a boat to get here..

But it will take a while… way beyond my lifetime.. in the meantime, I will just enjoy the idea of living in a continent, island, lets call it a boat, since it is floating on an apparent sea of Magma down below….slow boat.. for some time longer.  The Kookaburra’s and Kangaroos won’t mind either, living with all of us, boat people on a really slow boat to China.


what do you reckon then ?

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