Innovation 2 – A string kind of thing..

Yes, I have a potato, a piece of string, a nail, and a hammer….the first dumb think i think really depends on my mood, is it destructive, constructive, happy, sad, depressed, .. i don’t plan to innovate really, but seeing the odd bunch of things gets my poor little brain going, what to do with the potato…. i don’t want cook it, its got a knob on the side with eyes, and a horn poking out, and its got dirt on it. The horn is suggestive of something, but the eyes are saying, ‘go on – i dare you to do something ‘… i can’t resist… should i use the hammer ? or the nail ? or both ? it would be a shame to me to leave that string,… no its not a ball of string, its actually kind of wound around the nail real tight… some past innovation gone strange… so i would have to unwind it…. hold on.. someone just tweeted me an idea “String theory is universal” from @schroedingerscat – anyway – my string theory is that I will tie that potato up, and get a nail and hammer it in hard to a board. and then it wont escape to bother me around the corners of the universe.  It can just lie there and go moldy and eventually self destruct in public tied up like a dog on a clothesline outback. – but such a cruel innovation.. perhaps I will be merciful to the potato… and plant it, and use the hammer and nail on a plank in the fence to mark the spot with a string to hold it up in the sun, so i can water it now and then.. and life goes on.


what do you reckon then ?

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