Endurance in Innovation

How smooth and cool is the feel of a new idea, which makes life easier, which makes more fun, which gets more chicks, which when seen, makes people go ahh you’re kidding, which when felt feels cool to move and light to touch, and obvious, and beautiful.. and how to believe in that idea, and jealousy for this who wish that it was their’s.., and desire to have it, and pull it apart again, and see what is on the inside.

Clocks that go tick were like that for me, the old alarm clocks mixed in with the old valve radios on the tip, or in the shed, outback with the shearing tools, or the old tractor, with a motor that didn’t go, or the old vw combi van, parked precariously on a hill, the hill of imaginations, how we had ideas of driving that old van, with no fuel, with no licences, with no experience, how looking that if only the tires were pumped, if only we could move the handbrake, if only it had a steering wheel, with a horn, and a string kind of thing to pull, and windscreen wipers… look there is a motor, perhaps i can use that to drive the idea of something else, i don’t know about.

Yes, that flash, that idea, that time is moving, and the idea is not.  That is it something that others can have, that same idea ? , that crazy invention, or can i make something new, the new new thing, that no one else has made, that when seen, will be so obviously amazing..  is this innovation then ?

Innovation is like climbing things, like going up, and coming down, it is hard to get up, but when you get up and survey the landscape, how do you get back down to tell the story of what you saw in that oxygen deprived dream at the top…

Actually, the most great part of innovation really, is teaching younger people with more newer energy to take your idea and run with it, but you cannot leave it.  Leaving an unfinished idea in the hands of people without guidance is death to the idea.  Thats the thing, not many people can see as far as you saw when you got to the top, when you get back down and on the way down start tweeting and describing things, you find, no one can really see , what you saw.. so it take endurance and belief to follow that idea from the little magic seed to the tree with the fruit falling down like

ripe mangoes on an Australian mango tree…

down on the coast.. not far from the sea…

but far from the mountain..

where the idea came to be.


what do you reckon then ?

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