Pieces or 8 or 8 Pieces

Pieces of 8
A small collection of tool components for a RECORD 044 Plane – Circa 1934

“I got a bunch of old planes from a the bloke who I got that active respirator from.”

” he only wanted a few dollars,.. did you want to take a look at them ?” – My Dad said.

We went down to dad’s shed and he had three planes in a plastic bag.

” Can I try the handle – do you want to keep this one ?”

” Sure – if you can use it – why not have this one… I’ll keep the other two., you should be able to clean it up. – he said”

We searched through the pieces in a bag and dragged out the ones that looked like they fitted. I brought them home on the weekend and slightly been looking at them.  It turns out to be a slightly rusty but probably still useable Record Plough Plane, circa 1934, made in England and I’ve never used one before.  There are some pieces missing, but

The question is:-

1934 – it means its old, very old, pre-WWII – and apparently a collectors item – worth a lot more than even my dad paid for it. Maybe over 100 times what he paid for it.  So — should I keep it as a tool, as was my original intention, or sell it on e-Bay as a collectors item ? Should i keep it till it is 100 years old and then try to sell it on eBay in 2034 ?

I may do neither – I’ve seen British TV shows where heritage buildings are restored and preserved, but always with an idea that the original parts, preserved are still obviously the original.  So as a tool – i could use it and wear the original blades out. I could find new screws to replace the missing ones – making sure they are a different colour or head shape perhaps ?  It was made to be used or collected — that is the question.  And if collected – restored and collected ? and if used restored and used for another generation ?

I think this may be the beginning of a new journey.

Bull Ants at Bay

Rotary Kitchen Canister Cabinet – c. 1912


It rotates, this thing.  It’s got drawers like something out of a Dali painting, but it rotates as well.  The drawers of course should be full of foodstuff like sugar, flour, and other commodities. The drawers are made of hot dipped zinc steel and the whole thing is very chic and perfect for the new gourmet kitchen without cupboards.  This is an imported Rotary Kitchen Canister Cabinet.  The interesting bit is the stand which has a circular cup around the axle.  This circular cup, you fill with water.  It keeps the bull ants at bay and out of the sugar.  The kitchen ant proof cabinet was made by an American company and this obviously a perfect import for the Australian bush.  If you are desperate to see one and muck around with the drawers looking for bull ants, you can find this one in the Berrima museum, NSW == not far south of Sydney.


The Never Never


Australia, Girt by not just the blue ocean, but by it’s inner unknown sea. All red dirt and tufts of grass for the ‘roos to eat and the lizards to hide. A car drives past. At night the sky’s milky light from millions of stars above.

there a tracks in the earth

of red at this center of mine

under the milky black galaxy’s face

where the night owl’s pass the time

my country where the gravity pulls

hard and hot to Uluru’s place

there the never never lies sublime

 ever in timeless endless space

Shelly Beach Today – Shark Attack

Tersiiska Caribean Beach Resort Flower
Ocean Flower – Tersiiska

Its dark and fertile down in the depths of the hot ocean trails. Meaningful skies above with inviting blue and white waves.  These are the ocean beaches we instinctively hunted for lifetimes here.  Recently however our great white danger is rising, not just with the sea’s levels but from the melt ice warming.

…the news reported on the a fatal attack by probably a large great white on a local Japanese surfer off Shelly beach near Ballina on the north coast.  Sadly he died at the scene and a search is on for the shark.  This is the second shark attack in the last week or so.

So the flower is in honor of the foreign surfer who died very sadly today.  His name was Tadashi Nakahara.

take a moment to say a prayer for him.

Photo by Tersiiska on flickr  – with permission.

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