Bull Ants at Bay

Rotary Kitchen Canister Cabinet – c. 1912


It rotates, this thing.  It’s got drawers like something out of a Dali painting, but it rotates as well.  The drawers of course should be full of foodstuff like sugar, flour, and other commodities. The drawers are made of hot dipped zinc steel and the whole thing is very chic and perfect for the new gourmet kitchen without cupboards.  This is an imported Rotary Kitchen Canister Cabinet.  The interesting bit is the stand which has a circular cup around the axle.  This circular cup, you fill with water.  It keeps the bull ants at bay and out of the sugar.  The kitchen ant proof cabinet was made by an American company and this obviously a perfect import for the Australian bush.  If you are desperate to see one and muck around with the drawers looking for bull ants, you can find this one in the Berrima museum, NSW == not far south of Sydney.



6 thoughts on “Bull Ants at Bay

  1. Michael Hohnen

    I think you will find this was invented and patented by Roland Easdown of Sydney.
    Patent 1912006865
    He never went into mainline production as the shipload of tinplate was confiscated for the war effort.
    He was devastated as his antproof cabinet was a winner.
    He left Sydney and became a potato farmer at Kinglake in Victoria.
    I saw an original at his house in Kinglake in 1953
    I have seen several made by Metters

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