Cadmium ‘rustless plating’

The Record plane components described metaphorically as ‘Pieces of 8’ in the prior post turn out to comprise most of a 1930’s model 44.

Before WW2, many tools were Cadmium plated rather than Chrome or Nickel plated. This plane seems to be Cadmium plated with a greying green finish under the rust which has started to cover the surface.

Cadmium is a toxic metal and from Webpages looks to require some precautions of trying to clean or polish the surface. Inhalation of Cadmium dust particles is immediately toxic.

“Before I come down with symptoms ranging from bones cracking and or kidney failure I will need to take care in the cleanup process to avoid creation of cadmium dust”

Next issue – a couple of screws loose

The plane ‘skate’ has some bushings with 1/4″ BSF screws required to hold the fence rails in place. 

BSF is a fine Whitworth form of screw thread invented 19th century and is part of the British standard.

I figured the thread by measurement and counting threads per inch at 26 TPI.

The screw must be around 1/2 inch with a 3/8th in head diameter.

Need 2 of these Screws


what do you reckon then ?

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