TL2 – Day 5 – Voir Dire – The Jury Chosen – The location established – Boston

IMG_0655-Boston Courthouse
Boston District Court – Boston Harbour

There’s been countless articles and discussions relating to the Boston Marathon case, not only in the newspapers, but also the video media.  The determination of the location of the trial has been the subject of many of them.  The judges have a view to gaze out on in the icy Boston harbour as they get started this week on the Boston Marathon trial.  I had taken the opportunity to get a water taxi back and forth on the Boston Harbour that quiet Sunday morning, looking for something at a CVS which was closed, due to being in the Financial district, however the Water Taxi operator cum tour guide pointed out a few of the city’s great landmarks.  This was one of them of particular relevance to the population and indeed the city, state and country this week. There must be some, breathing a sigh of some relief, and yet those looking at mounting yet another appeal to the  impartiality of the jury in such a high profile case.

Yet Boston is no stranger to high profile cases and looking at the building, the thought on this icy calm day was, in the end the Boston Marathon Bomber’s fate, may well be determined here.


what do you reckon then ?

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