TL2 – Day 2 – Dark Plane and Sky Blue Trains

Movies with the hum drum cancelled out

then the flight entertainment

system gives out !

will 14 hours go by

in the dark wondering why ?

lets reboot the system now, and again, and again

to avoid the long return to amend.

The pacific is a big ocean with few places for large planes to stop and get some repairs done.  Sometime’s its best to go back and start all over having found a mechanic and done some tweaks.  On more than one occasion, passengers collectively pray for a solution, or drink less water, or think lighter thoughts.  Anything but have to return to Sydney and start out on that trans-pacific crossing again.

This time we were fortunate and the entertainment system for the entire plane only required 3 reboots and a cool-down to get started up and everyone breathe easy over not having to get out packs of non-existent cards and play solitaire.

Having arrived in SFO it became the battle of the trains.  The sheer size of the Caltrain running north to San Fran and south into the Silicon dwarfs the little BART [Bay Area Rapid Transit] that feeds it.   Its not just the length, its the height having two full layers of passengers running on powerful engines bending the tracks all the way south to at least San Jose.  Even noise cancellation doesn’t operate on the Caltrain platform when that big baby rolls in.  The entertainment is of course the view rolling through Silicon Valley with a sunny blue sky looking with jet-lagged eyes.


what do you reckon then ?

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