Shelly Beach Today – Shark Attack

Tersiiska Caribean Beach Resort Flower
Ocean Flower – Tersiiska

Its dark and fertile down in the depths of the hot ocean trails. Meaningful skies above with inviting blue and white waves.  These are the ocean beaches we instinctively hunted for lifetimes here.  Recently however our great white danger is rising, not just with the sea’s levels but from the melt ice warming.

…the news reported on the a fatal attack by probably a large great white on a local Japanese surfer off Shelly beach near Ballina on the north coast.  Sadly he died at the scene and a search is on for the shark.  This is the second shark attack in the last week or so.

So the flower is in honor of the foreign surfer who died very sadly today.  His name was Tadashi Nakahara.

take a moment to say a prayer for him.

Photo by Tersiiska on flickr  – with permission.

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