Spear in Flowers Wake

Teriiska Spears


spear in flowers wake

to the dawn and the dewy slake

when in the garden of eve

the purple mulga wood he kleave

and pound the spiky spinifex

in fire rocks a solid resin bleeds

and mulga bits laid out to dry

among the ashes against the sky

then when in the garden of eve

a solid shaft in hand appeared

faster than that arrow bleed

and split the air with cracking speed

the spear in flowers wake



Photo: Teriiska : Flickr – Used with permission


4 thoughts on “Spear in Flowers Wake

    1. cjx07ster

      Thankyou Margaret. It’s a first of a kind again. Still experimenting with the idea – that is – how to go from the natural real to the surreal to the concrete man made form – to the action – and back to the natural real again. Glad you ‘liked’ it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had to look up some words, didn’t know if you invented them to fit the rhyming pattern because they worked so smoothly. Mulga, for example. I think you definitely accomplished your objective. I see a very clear image of the launching spear, a spear that morphs throughout.


      2. cjx07ster

        The spear itself, but the spinifex resin used to make a woomera [spear thrower] fit the hand is a brilliant aboriginal adaptation. But you’ve given me another idea about the invented words. – thanks


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