The gravity of the massive earth sucked us on our towels into the sand of  the beach.  Our wet skin and shivering arms in the sunlight for the lifeguard to see.  Out of the seawater, streaming green seaweed locks of hair in cascades of ringlets down the side of her face.  An hour of afternoon we lay there and lazily swam from time to time aware of each others metaphoric selves. Lay pressed our arms on crushed sea shells with small sharp pricks. There was a cool breeze blowing across the bay and the scheme of things.

“when will you go back ?” I asked

“soon, I’ll go back and see how the ocean is doing”

“It’s too heavy here for you ?”

“Yes, the sky pushes down on me .. that part is tiring..”, she said.

“Everyone is looking at you… Not surprising really.. by the way it was fun !”

“I might just shift under that umbrella — do you mind ? – The sun is too strong”

“I thought of a poem about you.. want to hear it ?”

“Only if it is about home then. Ok ?”

whenever the sea belle sings

and the seaweed slings

in squeaks of massive waves

I hear your lovely voice

in the noisy shells of time

and seagulls

quark your never never name

“I love sea shells like that..” I said.


2 thoughts on “Sea’Scape

  1. Lovely poem, Neptune! Or Neptune in the form of Longfellow! Reminds me of our day on the beach on Cape Cod together! What a great addition to the world! Happy 2013 – Poetry is a wonderful way to start out the New Year! Fireworks too! You rock and deserve the best new year ever.


    1. cjx07ster

      Thank you Julie for writing such an encouraging comment to my humble blog. I’ve always loved to get down to the beach and was definitely missing it. This story just started out as a description of a feeling about a seashell as memory – and then ended up as a poem about two friends who like each other and the home of sea in sea shells.


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