A Kookaburra’s Corona

A Cold Corona Cervesa,

feels static in the misty heat

of insulating telegraph beats

wherupon a Kookaburra sits enthroned

shaking with laughter at the sky


In the darkening of the summer evening we walked

And came across a Christmas party for the neighbourhood

Not in a house, nor car, nor driveway

but out on the sidewalk with tables and chairs

The men and women all introduced themselves again this year

So we meet once a year under the tree and laughing and talking one by one,

And above in flight a muttering Kookaburra who  looks at the Corona below,

then lands and takes up the laughing position.

[He cannot laugh in flight]

.. he needs to be settled and adopt the kingly pose..


But the man and the woman out on the road

who cares what posture he takes.  

With a corona in hand

He laughs with his mate


what do you reckon then ?

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