Journey of the Major Enceladians

A cold coming we had of it – The blue planet was nearer to the sun, and our astronomers had sent us there on a journey – out there in the interplanetary space.

We have lived in the Solar system for years – we had studied the stars out there beyond the rings of our own super planet, and other planets as well.  We had set off from our cosy home under the icy pole, where life was good, and out there we decided to eject using the South Enragion split stream, where the ejection magnetics and physical forces sent us far into the ring sky.

The whole magnetic thing was exciting us, as well as the prospect of finding some life there on Earth – it was to be a bit of a warm watery place – but we were well prepared.  Our craft stocked with food, itself generated by specific highly prolific life forms in jars on our spaceship shelves – with it special anti gravity made our place comfortable, – and the excellent viewing windows toughened against the cold and vacuous eternal night – so beautiful – stars everywhere – all the time of it coming.

Yet we three kings followed a particularly bright star off behind the Sun, on our way over to the Blue planet Earth, and we landed with a massive splash in the warmer waters of the sea in which was reflected that key star light and quickly made our way to land.  Looking up we quickly found it again and set off in it’s direction in the Earth sky.

New life forms passed us by and all kind of wonder, we found some clothes discarded by a hill, a seamless garment we tossed up for as well, a woman crying by a well, a poor girl stoned in the market place, people with loaves, people with fishes, we looked inside a room and saw people playing dice, we moved along and came to a stable door far where the star was guiding us.  The accommodations were satisfactory by our standards, but who were we to know after all, and the whole place was filled with angels and sheep and poor people who could not speak our language.  Silently we crept in, hooded with clothes we picked up to avoid conjecture.  We had brought gifts in from Enceladus and then we saw at that time – there was death and a birth – certainly – a new belief we found and left our lowly magnetic gifts behind for the benefit of the child, a new king certainly, but with a strange feeling we left…

We left the room…

and left the blue planet of iron and water..

and out past its barren moon its sky…

and out past the sun to swing past fast…

and into the cold dark space….

with warmth in our hearts

and out past the planets…

and into the rings of Saturn itself…

back to our dear Enceladus moon

seemingly alien to us now in the time of Christ.


what do you reckon then ?

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