INV 11 – Robot Arm Wrestling – Leaf 4 – Adversarial Reflection

Attrib: Aralani

At around midnight, Ferdinand and Sally quit the pub, and both went off home.  Ferdinand got up to his hotel room, and sat and thought over the encounter.  Sally would prove to be quite an adversary he thought.  She had gotten the Integral Idea, and seemed yet to have some other thought.  Perhaps he had let the cat out of the bag a bit, since he knew that Integral itself would still not be enough.  He looked forward to getting an email or something, he wanted to continue the relationship, not necessarily as friendship, more the gamesmanship of it all.

Sally on the other hand went back to her condo in the nearby urban sprawl.  The drive down the freeway had been interesting.  Something that Freddo guy had said got her thinking.  It was something about the fact that the human being was not a predictable system to be controlled, that the human being holding the arm was second guessing the control strategy in the arm and actually beating it.  This meant she had to be a bit more clever than just putting in a dumb old controller.  OK putting in the integral component might help with stability, but this was a live smart human being on the end of the ARM.

Sally hummed herself a song to the tune of the bluesbreakers song that Freddo had commanded on the jukebox..

“Have you heard about my baby…

Yes how I love you don’t know…

Have you heard about my baby  ?

How I love, How I love you don’t know ~

I declare that that ARM baby ..

Yes… she… got a long way to go…

Sally’s baby, the ARM Robot Baby, yes, yes… mmmm.. got a long way to go.  Sally pulled into the drive. Let’s see how we do, she suggested to herself.


what do you reckon then ?

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