Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing : Chapter 1

I like the ‘strations.. Hat, Sunnies, Smoke, Coat, Invisible guy, Mermaid on a string, Bag of money, Beach [obviously not Bondi, or Coogee], palm tree, and a massive alligator looking with something to say. …well it was all about the money in the end wasn’t it ?

So it turns out the 10 rules are all about the ‘cloak of invisibility’ surely something writers really want.. no..? Yes, the story is the important bit. Anyway this is the first of EL books I have ever read, so that makes me an amateur book reader of this genre.
Never minde….

Rule 1. Never open a book with Weather…

I guess most conversations start out on the weather, so that means you dont start a story conversationally right ?

But of course, the next great drawing has a guy on a phone, in some kind of conversation with a dame of some kind talking about ceilings and some kind of action.  There is a window, but weather is crossed out.. but not about the weather… so point taken there Mr EL.  So I guess it is along the lines of ‘once upon a time there were 3 bears, as opposed to ‘it was raining in Sherwood Forest that day as I went walking.. etc..


what do you reckon then ?

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