When the mo-poke calls

Tersiiska Tense Dark Chocolate


night sparks

and the tension starts

quiet – still

the mo-poke marks

the time

of the bitter night dark

Its good chocolate to take just in case. Dark tense and bitter sweet. When memories strike back, I gently push them into the compartments in the train, on tracks of memory creased into the land and  held down by the iron gravity of a slight bend in time.  The time we’re here to make our mark.

Memories start as pages nice and neat and friendly categorized. On floors on stairways and on the darkened corridors of the upper floor.  Pages and pages, but non so organised as to be in a brightened book.  But recently now in November dark, I remember things that happened, the bitter chocolate things that shouldn’t have been and for many years with tense energy I had pushed them. Pushed them again into those far flung corners of the house.  Out of site and out of everyone’s mind.  But now unfortunately those memory doors are unlocked and ghosts coming out of the cupboards with broken locks and swinging hinges.














photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tersiiska/15618922691/


She loved her child in Paragraphs (And a gun is no Parenthesis)

..()...I read that the gunman who shot his mum, himself and all of those poor kids at Sandy Hook today, that he was himself scarcely but an adult. Perhaps he thought it was an event, an act from which he and his community could recover, that would set his world right, but sadly his expression of madness involved a gun, with death at its bullets and barrel and Death is not a Parenthesis.

Of course we all know that due to our love of the ultimate power of the gun, we cannot avoid having that power available to those who might best not have it. Unfortunately death, and senseless tragic death if final, it is not a parenthesis.  It is not an aside, from which we can recover. No it is an ending of the sacred lives of our children and usually the gunman( in this case a child of 20) which burns forever in the hearts and minds of the living.  Our argument for the gun is one of defence. A good argument, but a bad conclusion.

I read today about a son who shot his mum, who as a teacher dies at the hands of one she loves in the midst of others she cared for and loved and who loved her.  Our thoughts and prayers for the living who in the wake of this tragedy have the hope and courage to change the desire for people to have and hold guns (which are no parenthesis).

PS: I found a link – which has a group of people who seem to want to take action