Travelog 2 : Day 3-4 Phoenix

Horseshoe Lake - Arizona - take from Humboldt mountainLooking out East to Tonto National park after a hard two days of travel and meetings.  Happy I was, when one of my local colleagues takes me for a drive in his new jeep to see how it is in his country.  This is Apache country and looking down from Humboldt mountain a little north east across Horseshoe Lake.  The ancient volcanic ranges drifting eastward from the San Andreas fault have created such a beautiful landscape and the sunsets are just outstanding. To the south part of the Tonto are the Superstition Mountains, where the myths and legends of ‘The Lost Dutchman’s mine’ originate from the 19th century.  The mine, should it exist, has since never been found. Nevertheless more travel calls and I’ll have to save solving the mystery of the missing mine for another day, and I’ll be in Boston by this evening.