Close Encounters

Teriiska Comets

The restaurant was quiet and somewhat darkened in the twilight.  Two friends chatting, eating out reading the news on the web.

October 2014 – Southern Comets Homepage  – ‘Siding Springs Comet’

“As October begins, you will find the magnitude 9.5 comet ‘Siding Springs’ situated near the stinger of the Scorpion in the evening sky.
Moonlight interferes with viewing until the 10th.
On Oct 8-9, the comet is within a degree of the butterfly star cluster M6. 

On Sunday evening Oct 19th, the now magnitude 10.0 comet and magnitude 0.9 Mars will be separated by less than 20 arc minutes.
From Adelaide, the altitude will be 38 degrees at 9pm, reducing to 3 degrees by midnight.
The brightness of Mars may actually overwhelm your chances to see the comet but definitely try to capture it photographically! ” – Southern Comets Homepage

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